The Official U.K. Airedale Terrier Rescue

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This site is provided by the

Airedale Terrier Breed Council

(a Kennel Club registered entity)




To find your area Co-ordinator click on the logo that is closest to where you live, you will find the contact details there.

This is not a 24hr service  please email outside of the stated times.

Unfortunately, not every dog remains for the whole of its lifetime in one settled home. Illness, change of domestic circumstances, death, or moving house can all take their toll on Airedale owners, resulting in the decision to rehome their dog. We do appreciate that this is a very difficult and emotional time for most owners and you can be assured that our services are offered without judgement or recrimination. The only aim of any rescue organisation should be to find a permanent and loving home for the dog in need.


This website has been compiled as a means of providing initial points of contact for Airedale Terrier rescue services. As members of the Airedale Terrier Breed Council, each breed club has designated rescue co-ordinators throughout the country who are available to assist you.


It is not designed to replace the purchase of puppies from responsible breeders, but is to allow people who want to rehome an Airedale in need, or those who need to find a suitable home for their own dog, to contact someone with that all important breed knowledge who can help.


This service is provided on a voluntary basis by the rescue co-ordinators. Please do note the times that your local co-ordinator is available and respect that they have given their time freely.

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